In the third book of the series Simone travels to Zamoma. 
Dans le troisième livre de la série, Simone se rend à Zamoma.

Simone Shadow: French Secret Agent. A Spy.  Fast paced thrillers with a strong female lead.

Simone Shadow: Agent secret français. Un espion. Thrillers au rythme rapide. Avec un fort caractère féminin dans le rôle principal.

Simone Shadow - The African Affair

set in
East Africa and Zamoma

Just where is Zamoma?


Zamoma is a land-bound country deep within Africa.


Paris demands an extradition and Simone is sent to East Africa. 
All gun-running escalates but this becomes extreme.  Simone enters the shadows and in the cracked white stillness of ancient Lamu, over deep emerald blue ocean, bleached white sand and coral reef Simone closes in... but her prey is elusive and she finds herself in Zamoma.

Find out where Zamoma is by reading The African Affair